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April 6, 2017
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Top 10: Unwritten Letter To My Lover

We received an overwhelming response to last month’s writing challenge. Thank you to all those who submitted, from as far as Belgium, Trinidad&Tobago, Cameroon, and Sri Lanka.
A special shout out to Simmone Stellenboom, Alexander Ndiretu, and Agbebaku Enon Franklyn for your numerous contributions.

In no particular order, here are 10 poems we absolutely love from the March writing challenge, Unwritten Letter To My Lover.

Searching for yourself – Simmone Stellenboom

Searching for yourself in the bar, between a Remy and a Hennessey.
A battle between the winegrower and soldier.
Both breathing inside you.
Undecided which one of you to commit to.
Grapes are rich and guns are true.
The night is dark and dawn is looming.
Move to the one place where you can be
all parts of you, entirely free.
Come here where it is all illuming.
This is all of you she said.
When you finally found you,
here, with her, in her bed

Untitled – Jef Lemmens
Haar verwarde haren…
Ik zie haar graag – Als vers het is geknipt
Ik zie haar graag – een met Strak gevlochten strik
Ik zie haar graag – in ‘s Ochtend als de war het zit
Ik zie haar graag – om Als een mooi kader gezicht
Ik struikel voort van woord naar woord
Ik zie graag haar – en da’s gestoord!

Untitled – Jenilee Georga Limada
“So passionately spoken,
Intimate and rooted,
Emotions so sensual I smell it on your skin,
Focused, narrow sighted,
Fixated like glue,
Movements so righteous you’re divinely guided,
Committed, Steadfast,
Loyal to the goals,
You’re race is solo so there’s no coming last,
Knowledge checkered with insight,
Intelligence and Sense,
Your thoughts know no rest as you live in the light,
These are the things that brought me to you,
But this is not why I’ll stay,
You’ve allowed me to grasp these things in myself,
And guided my soul to find its way,
So even when our paths have split,
For this with grief I’ll dearly pay,
Friends have deeper connections than most,
With hope that their souls reunite one day.”

The letter I never wrote – Mp Mbuthoh

Even in the ashes of this memory
I can still remember her_ her shrill
Mesmerizing voice in a WhatsApp voice note.
She was my coy bird of Malaysian household,
And I was of the descendant of Nkalang_
In some little village hidden somewhere in
The armpit of Africa.
Many times I tried to crucify my shivering
Feelings in blank blinking electronic pages,
but the mere thought of it scared
the love in me like the lion’s roar
warns the antelopes! So cowardice beat
Me countless times over my love.
Though she was Malaysian,
a trapped soldier under my anvil torso
told me love had no citizenship,
Yet I couldn’t make the sleepy queen
distrust a false tone.
Hundred times hundred times had she rolled
the amorous carpet across the Mediterranean
And hundred times hundred times had I sloped!
Now I wish I had written that alchemy letter!

Unwritten Letter To My Lover
– Md Tahsin

There is an evil moon rising Tonight
And romeo is looking out the window
as Juliet passes by, with a passing smile.
There is no castle here
but the horror of midnight lonesomeness.
And the cupids are restless
with no where to go
and the only sound is left
is the cry of the evil moon
rising high,rising high
above the river on the west
There is no Helen Tonight
while Aphrodite is love sick
with some local loser.
But romeo is still looking out the window
as Juliet is no more to be seen
while the river murmurs in the west
with my empty letter nowhere to be sent.
When you’re 70 – Astha
Trust me When you’re seventy and I’ll be sixty four
Shall still admire your silent Genuinity to the Core

When fades away the Fame, when crowds forget your name …
The sound of my applause for your presence, will still remain the same

When your hair is all grey, we once saw him somewhere ‘they’ll’ say
My wrinkled hands will still pray, For your warm Smile to say…

If the spirit of your rigour shall ever fall
Anytime to this old friend you can blindly call

They say with Time everything grows Old
But memories of knowing you the person… I shall alway hold

Shall cherish the time spent, unwritten letters and gifts
It’s tough to find true love, in A world where attention easily shifts
Unwritten Letter To My Lover – Bernel Rennie
Doubt blots ink in the pen
Of promises to be kept only to be broken
The jury’s out on what he meant to her
She judged him on hearsay she wasn’t sure
Many days started just as how they ended
With her on his mind, the main driver all other traffic suspended
Addicted to her smile he lost track of everything else he had contemplated
His train of thought was curved, common sense rear ended
Back up to the time he was supposed to remember the date
Of the first time they were both late
Late to the conclusion that they were meant for each other
Those words were never said, their actions the sole indicator
Gifts, poetic expressions of wishing for each other’s presence
Selfies, time stamps of happy times made happier by things that no longer have relevance
His gestures, the Braille of his intentions no words to announce them
His feelings, the template of his wishes to love her, of being more than just a friend.
Unwritten letter to my lover – Agbebaku Enon Franklyn
I once met a man walking
On the isle of forgotten souls
We sat upon the coarse sands
Heaving a sigh of relief
For our grief was great and terrible
When I asked him what his lot was
He said it was you my love.
My sun and my stars.
Then I knew we were kindred spirits
Who loved you while we were yet alive
Our only malady we departed
Absent your knowledge we will do anything for you.

STAY – Nelo Igboejesi
You will find me someday.
Maybe not in your way or dancing jolly in the rain like in the many fairy tales you’ve heard from when you were just a kid.
I’ll be in my little hut of hay.
I’m no Cinderella, so there will be no magic whatsoever. You’ll stride past my footprints everyday until that moment when fate decides to take the cloak off your eyes right in front of my gate —The one that guards my heart perhaps!
Finding me will be like walking up to the heavens upside down.
You’ll question the wind for whirling you up to my side of your story. You’ll shake the earth to find numbness and no good reason to paint a halo in my dark sky; to find music in my never ending silence or know joy in my pain.
I’m a cold piece of soul— I’ll try to run away.
I’ll span a million miles and want to cover more.
“A Vacuum is nothing until it’s empty.” Your heart will whisper to itself as it searches wild.
You’ll find me and give me a reason to stay.

Daughter of Eve – Alexander Ndiretu
How you glow, my African queen
Whoever said that the beautiful ones are not yet born
Has obviously never laid eyes on your face
He is ignorant of your features, your texture, your grace
God works in mysterious ways
And I can tell that He made you on the Eighth Day
After a nice long rest on Saturday
I wonder what Eve said the first time she saw Adam
Perhaps: ‘O Brave New World that has such creatures in it!’
Meanwhile, Adam was crying: ‘My rib! – Have you seen it?’
Say you’ll marry me, daughter of Eve,
Let’s go forth and populate the Earth
It’s Morning Yet on Creation Day
The universe is still young, still fresh from the Big Bang
I am Adam and I have been looking for my Eve
I’m yet to find my long-lost rib
But of late I’ve been detecting a sweet presence
And I strongly suspect that it’s the nearness of Eve.

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