“LIT” by Burn

Urban Worden and Burn present their first mixtape “LIT: Life in 3000”. A compilation of five tracks on which six young rappers representing life in Leuven.

UK’s New Voices

For 3 days, young people from across the UK came together to discuss arts participation and involvement. This project allowed them to share best practices and meet cultural decision makers.

“Heaven” by Grace

Youth Speaks first presented Queeriosity in 1999, the brainchild of two young members of the organization. As part of our ongoing campaign to celebrate young people in the Bay Area, and to give a space for those who are too marginalized to speak, Queeriosity is a place for a diverse population of queer youth and their allies to come together and declare themselves present and unafraid. youthspeaks.org.

An evening with Woorden Woorden Zinnen

Woorden Woorden Zinnen is an accessible platform for poets, spoken word artists, cabaratiers, MC and singer-songwriters etc … In short, a place where word art comes into its own. This is an evening where young and old come together and enjoy themselves with different artistic disciplines in the broadest sense of the word.

Salt Water by Bella Cox

This is the poem I performed in the final round of the Word n Sound Poetry League Festival. Unfortunately, the footage taken on my camera is unusable and so this is the audio overlapping the video that I used in my performance. So all thats missing from this upload is video of my face, otherwise it is how it was on the day!This poem is a gentler more vulnerable side to the poem “Dear Dad” that I performed at last year’s festival so its kind of a part 2… feel free to watch that performance here